The Charm of Regent Street

British Summer was in full swing last night!

We were lucky enough to catch the sunset just down the road from our apartment building My Apartments Piccadilly Circus.

Last night's sunset from Regent Street:

Regent Street

Captured by HVRIS 

Not to mention a time lapse of the beautiful London atmosphere:

Regent Street is just up the road from Piccadilly Circus! As you can see it makes the city look absolutely fabulous.

Regent Street is one of the most famous shopping districts located between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus. It was named after George, the Prince Regent and was built under the direction of the architect John Nash.

Having centrally located apartments is a big convenience for us and for our guests. We are able to capture the rare moments which makes London unique. London's charm is what makes everyone of us come back, again and again. So, look no further trying to find a convenient holiday apartment in London. Do not hesitate to ask for any assistance when booking your serviced London apartment. 

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Travelling around London - Free Airport Drop Off

The hustle and bustle of London is one of the city's unique charms.

From our decades worth of experience; starting as a family business, we understand that London can be stressful at times. Especially if you have a flight to catch! 

Yes, that's right. As Londoner's, even we find it stressful to be organised for a flight. We usually rely on a friend to drop us to the airport. At My Apartments London, our ethos as a London holiday apartment's provider has been to give a personal touch. We aim to treat our guests like a family who looks after their relative who is visiting.

Photography by Haych

Photography by Haych

As a family-run business for accommodation in central London, we want to make sure that we look after all our family stay guests and corporate stay's in London. We sincerely believe that a free airport drop-off is a helpful and convenient service for all our central apartment stay guests. 

Your Guide to Knightsbridge, London

Your Guide to Knightsbridge, London - A Beginners Guide by My Apartments London

From our professional and experienced knowledge, the anticipation of exploring London for the first time has many expectations. Themes which tend to pop into mind are of glamour, tailored quirky suits and usually sipping tea. If this is what you expect, then Knightsbridge is a pretty good place for you to start. 


Right off the bat, Knightsbridge is London’s most fashionable and exclusive boroughs. It is tailored for somebody looking to explore and find the finer things in life. 


Harrods, London’s most famous department store which cannot be ignored. It offers a showcase of services from pets, shoe polishing or even a handmade British crafts to the finest international cuisine available, all served under one roof. 

You simply cannot go wrong, spending a day in Harrods from start to finish is a museum of home elegance. 

Photo by  HVRIS

Photo by HVRIS


London Natural History Museum

Speaking of museums…


London Natural History Museum has a huge selection of ancient artefacts and an extremely lifelike animatronic T-Rex, there’s hours of fun to be had at the Natural History Museum.

We also welcome the new feature of the Blue Whale Skeleton!

The London Science Museum

The London Science museum is great fun for the whole family, where you can explore the wonders of industry, mechanics and climate. 



Maroush 38 Beauchamp Place

When it comes to looking for a bite to eat we are always looking for something cultural, different and yet affordable. The famous Maroush Lebanese restaurant chain brings to you this charming, Middle Eastern style bakery. Small in size, but big in character, fresh, traditional Levant style pastries are cooked throughout the day. 

Blue Bar

Always wanted to have an elegant night out? Are you looking to dress up? 

Welcome to Blue Bar where you would probably imagine 007 asking for his Martini “shaken not stirred". The classic intimate blue decor immerses ones character for an elegant night out. 

But be warned, an average £16 price tag on cocktails is modest. However, it certainly does not disappoint. 

Live the Lifestyle

We always find that it is easier to live in the moment rather than having to plan for when the last train leaves or which bus to take. So staying in middle of Knightsbridge on top of Burberry overlooking Harrods is a good place to start. 

We can help you find that alternative to a London hotel with the freedom and flexibility just by staying in a luxury apartment in Knightsbridge

For any questions about Knightsbridge or help booking a holiday apartment don’t hesitate to e-mail us at: