Piccadilly Circus


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You will find the famous Piccadilly Circus in the West End, close to our vacation apartments London.  World-famous, Piccadilly Circus never ceases to attract many visitors from all around the globe.  A fantastic place to sit and watch the world go by or take some memorable photos to mark the occasion, it is ideally placed within central London and if you want to explore, within easy walking distance of Regent's Street, Soho, our holiday apartments Piccadilly London or other fascinating places.

Why such an unusual name?

You could be forgiven for thinking that this area has a heritage associated with circuses, but you would be wrong.  This part of London has existed since the 1600s; some people think it got its name due to the Piccadill, which was a fancy collar worn at that time, but others think it is due to the Latin word meaning  ‘circus’ or circle, due to it being a large open space in the centre of London.  Over time, it has become a hot spot for video displays and neon signs, as well as its famous Statue of Eros.  The real name of this monument is the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and despite its name, it does not show Eros but his brother, Anteros who the sculptor chose to depict when he created the statue for the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.

Always incredibly busy with a lot of hustle and bustle, people often refer to Piccadilly Circus when describing a place that never stops and is hectic!  In 1879 Charles Dickens referred to it as being similar to a ‘Parisian Boulevard’ and by 1886 the Circus had become so large that it connected to Shaftesbury Avenue which made it one of the largest of the London junctions.  With its own underground station, you can hop on and connect with the Bakerloo lines.  The underground opened in 1906 and surprisingly, has no buildings at all at street level as everything is below the surface.

Neon signs and bright lights

In 1910 the first of the electric street advertisements went on display and in 1923 electric billboards took their place to join the famous lights and sights of Piccadilly.  These are often switched off to commemorate sad and memorable occasions, such as the deaths of Winston Churchill and Diana, Princess of Wales.  The famous Coca Cola sign has been there since 1954 and in 2001, Yoko Ono used one of them to display a famous John Lennon quote.

With so much history attached to this area, don’t miss out on the chance to linger a while and explore the delights of Piccadilly from our short let holiday apartments London!  Whether on business or pleasure and staying in holiday apartments Earls Court London or holiday apartments Kensington London, contact us now and make yourself comfortable in one of our delightful serviced apartments in central London.